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Phlebotomy Externship sites to open soon!

Excellent News!! We just received word that some of our externship sites will be opening soon.

Due to Covid 19, there are new protocols that will need to be followed.

Every student will need

  • all of their immunizations

  • should be fully vaccinated for Covid-19

  • should also include booster(s) shots


Depending on the externship site, you may also need to get a Mask Fit Test.

HealthStaff Training Institute will be arranging this process and will pay any fees associated with Mask Fit Test


Please follow these steps

Step 1

Once you have all the required documents, please email everything to 

All the documents should be in a single email.

  • Immunization records

  • Covid-19 vaccination records including booster shots

  • Mask fit test (if required)

Step 2

After submitting all the documents, please fill out this form for your updated information. I'll need this for Step 3


Step 3

I'll schedule you to meet with me for the background check and drug test, and sign you up for lab practice/check off. This will be on a first-come, first-served basis. I cannot schedule you until I have everything in hand and you cannot start the externship until you have passed the background check, drug test, and check off.


Working with Laptop

Please check your email daily because we will be contacting you with further information and lab practice/checkoff schedules.


1. Which immunizations do I need?

Prior to externship, you must provide the records of the following immunizations to Teri Fernandez the Director of Placement.

If you do not have your immunization record you will need to have a titer test done. You will need to get the immunization for those that you are not immune to.


Your responsibility

  1. Two (2) Step TB Test (PPD): Pursuant to guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) MHMC requires a “two-step” PPD (TB) test such that even with a negative PPD within the last year, a secondary test must be completed prior to commencement of fieldwork placement.  If PPD is positive a negative chest x-ray must be submitted. The student may obtain this test, at his/her own expense at a Dr.’s office near them.

  2. Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR): A documented serological immunity or 2 documented immunization records

  3. Chickenpox Varicella Zoster: A documented serological immunity or 2 documented immunization records

  4. Documentation of Hepatitis B status: Immunity demonstrated by hepatitis B antibody titer, or documentation of three (3) hepatitis B vaccine injections or proof you are currently receiving the series.

  5. Tetanus-Diphtheria booster (tDAP): Immunization record signed by a qualified health provider.

  6. Rubeola: A documented serological immunity or 2 documented immunization records

  7. Influenza (September – April)

  8. Verification of Color Vision

  9. Covid 19 vaccine, 1st, 2nd, and boosters

You need to get a titer lab test if you do not have your immunization records.


2. Do I need to be fully vaccinated for Covid to start the externship?

Please click here to see the Memo.


3. Additional requirements for Pomona Valley Medical Center

PVHMC will NOT provide respiratory fit testing as part of the hospital’s respiratory protection program (aerosolized transmissible diseases).  HealthStaff Training Institute shall be responsible for all Fit Testing necessary for any student(s) in need of such testing based on the student's program of study.



4. How much in advance do I need to schedule the externship and can I reschedule?

a. You can schedule in advance as long as you have not completed the background check and drug test. Once that is complete you need to complete the externship within 30 days.

b. You can reschedule but if you have completed the background check and drug test you will need to reschedule within the 30-day mark. If it goes outside of the 30 days you will need to redo the background check and drug test and you will be responsible for the fees.

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