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Unlock Your Future with Tuition-Free Vocational Programs

Empowering Dislocated Workers and the Unemployed to Build Skills and Careers

Age 18-24? You may be eligible for special Youth Grants!

Programs offered by HSTi

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Medical Assistant


Pharmacy Technician

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Medical Billing &


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Computerized Office

& Accounting

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Drug & Alcohol


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Career Courses

Funded by

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No-cost Education to you

Eligibility requirements:

1. High School Diploma/GED

2. Recently laid-off/terminated from the job or

3. Should be receiving unemployment insurance benefits.

Special Youth Grants for 18-24 age group

WIOA Title-I financially assisted program or activity is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request for individuals with disabilities

Success Stories

How to apply?

Just fill out the form below, and the admission director will reach out to you shortly.


Our graduates are hired by

HealthStaff Training Institute (HSTi) is a professional, private vocational school that trains individuals into becoming efficient, capable allied health care or business professionals. HSTi is dedicated to provide quality, entry-level vocational training in a relatively short period of time. Our industry-focused courses and curricula are designed to properly train and educate students interested in the several allied health or business programs we offer.

HealthStaff Training Institute is dedicated to provide quality, entry-level vocational training in a relatively short period of time at an affordable cost. The industry-focused courses and curriculum are geared to close the employment skills gap between our graduates and the allied health or business job they are trained for. As health care becomes of critical concern, properly trained health-care professionals become a priority. HealthStaff Training Institute endeavors to train and place competent persons. In addition, HealthStaff Training Insitute assumes responsibility for each of our students by using practical teaching techniques, equipment commonly used in the field, industry-focused curriculum, and experienced, qualified faculty to develop the skills and job responsibility of our students.

Our History

HealthStaff Training Institute (HSTi) began in September 1986 when the education and training division of Pharmacy Enterprises, Inc. formed an education division. When the anticipated expansion of HSTi exceeded the scope of Pharmacy Enterprises, the institute became a privately owned entity, carrying on the name of HealthStaff Training Institute. Since 1986, we have grown to offer a broad range of courses and a well-respected faculty. Our institute continues to evolve to accommodate the needs of the healthcare marketplace and the interest of our students. Every day we carry forward the mission to train and educate motivated and focused individuals into becoming efficient, capable allied health care or business professionals.

Superior Education

37+ years in business providing quality education

Flexible Class Schedule

Hybrid training helps you with the flexibility you need

Hands-on Training &
Online Modules

Choose the mode of training which suits you.

Classes start every week

No waiting for months! Start today

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes for enhanced learning and more focus

Dedicated Career Services Department

Career services department to help you with resume building and Job Placement assistance


1. Who is eligible for the tuition-free grants? Answer: The tuition-free grants are available to individuals who are either dislocated workers or currently unemployed. These grants are designed to empower those seeking to upskill and transition into new career paths.

2. How can I apply for the tuition-free program? Answer: Applying is easy! Simply visit our application form above and provide the required information. Our admissions team will review your application and guide you through the next steps.

3. Are these grants available for all your programs? Answer: Yes, the tuition-free grants are applicable to all our vocational programs. Whether you're interested in healthcare, or computers, these grants can help you access the education you need.

4. What documentation do I need to provide to prove my eligibility? Answer: While we don't require any documents, we will ask you to provide information to the WIOA (agency who provides these grants) that verifies your status as a dislocated worker or unemployed individual. This may include details about your work history or current employment status.

5. Is there a deadline for applying for the grants? Answer: Yes, there are limited spots available for these grants, so we recommend applying as soon as possible. Keep an eye on our website for application deadlines to ensure you don't miss out.

6. Can I still apply if I'm currently employed but looking to switch careers? Answer: Unfortunately, these grants are specifically targeted toward dislocated workers and the unemployed. However, we offer a range of financing options for individuals in various situations. Feel free to reach out to our admissions team to explore other possibilities.

7. How long do these programs typically last? Answer: Program durations vary depending on the field of study. Our representatives will be happy to provide you with specific information about the duration of the program you're interested in.

8. Do I need to repay the grant? Answer: No, these grants are not loans. They are awarded to eligible candidates as a financial assistance opportunity, and you will not be required to repay the grant amount.

9. What kind of support will I receive during the program? Answer: We provide comprehensive support throughout your educational journey. From dedicated mentors to resources and job placement assistance, we ensure you have the tools you need to succeed.

10. Can I talk to someone for more information before applying? Answer: Absolutely! Our admissions team is here to answer your questions and guide you through the application process. Feel free to contact us at (909) 321-5778 or use the contact form on our website.

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