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Pursue your dream Healthcare Career!

Pay in six months

1. If you don't have a PayPal account, open a new account by visiting PAYPAL Website
2.  Apply for PayPal Credit here: PAYPAL CREDIT
3. Once approved, you'll get a credit line which you can use to make purchases and payback in six months.(Please read terms and conditions of PayPal Credit  here:
4. Click on the program you would like to enroll in
2019 PayPal CPT.jpg
2019 PayPal RX.jpg
2019 PayPal DAC.jpg

5. Select the Payment option from drop down menu and click 'Buy Now' ('Pay Now')

6. Your Paypal account page will open in the browser and you can select 'PayPal Credit' as an option to pay for the program.

7. Once the transaction is complete, you'll receive confirmation from HealthStaff. 

8. You have six months to payoff this amount to PayPal (Minimum monthly payments are required but no interest will be charged if you pay in full within six months).  

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