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Fully-Funded Workshop


  • Filling sign-in sheet

Meeting with

Admissions Director

  • Pre-screening for eligibility
  • More information on the program(s)
  • General school information
If your documents are ready
If you haven't filled the application
  • Fill you application
  • Copies of your documents (DL, SSN, Diploma, etc.
When documents are ready

Meeting with

County Counselor

  • Interview
  • Verification/eligibility check

You will not be funded

If you meet the eligibility criteria but have some missing documents
You may be given a chance to submit
the documents to the county within
certain time frame

Approval by the

Riverside County

  • HealthStaff will submit the training proposal to the County
  • County will notify us within (2-3) weeks with an official approval letter
  • HealthStaff will notify you and start the enrollment process
If you don't meet the eligibility criteria
Once you submit all the documents


  • You will sign the Enrollment agreement
  • You will pick up your books, laptops, and other supplies from the campus
  • You will start the program (as per your start date)
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