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County of Riverside WIOA is conducting two Workshops at our campuses and funding 100% for your vocational training if you meet the eligibility criteria*. Yes, absolutely No-cost education to you followed by job placement assistance.

No-cost Education to you*
Eligibility requirements
You must be a Riverside county resident. 


You must have a High School Diploma/GED


You are laid-off from work/receiving unemployment benefits/ recently exhausted unemployment benefits/low-income family


You are not enrolled in any other school presently.


Healthcare & Computer Programs

We offer different Healthcare & Computer programs

which are in high demand and lead to a successful career. Few programs can be done completely online, and few are offered as a Hybrid option (Classroom & Online modules)

Programs offered by HSTi
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Medical Assistant



Pharmacy Technician


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Medical Billing &



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Computerized Office

& Accounting


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Drug & Alcohol




You will receive a free Chromebook Laptop upon enrollment

How to apply?

Applying & reserving your spot for the workshop is a simple two-step process.

Step 1: Fill out the registration form

Step 2: Click the workshop you want to attend, and reserve your spot to meet the county counselor.


Please note:

a. You can only book one spot. Multiple bookings will result in the cancellation of all the spots booked

b. You can attend a workshop to enroll at any of our campuses - Ontario, Temecula, or Online

c. Your spot will only be reserved if you complete both steps. By just filling out the registration form, you can't attend the workshop. 

Questions? please email us at

Step 1

Registration Form

Step 2

Please fill the form above.
You will be on the wait-list


Our History

HealthStaff Training Institute (HSTi) began in September 1986 when the education and training division of Pharmacy Enterprises, Inc. formed an education division. When the anticipated expansion of HSTi exceeded the scope of Pharmacy Enterprises, the institute became a privately owned entity, carrying on the name of HealthStaff Training Institute. Since 1986, we have grown to offer a broad range of courses and a well-respected faculty. Our institute continues to evolve to accommodate the needs of the healthcare marketplace and the interest of our students. Every day we carry forward the mission to train and educate motivated and focused individuals into becoming efficient, capable allied health care or business professionals.

Reviews of Funded Students 

Temecula Campus Workshop

Nichole Jeffries
Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Very excited. I will let God decide where this leads me. I am hoping to become financially Independent and make a difference in the lives of addicts/alcoholics 

Kiel Muniz
Medical Assistant

I can’t believe a career opportunity was just thrown in my lap like this. Can’t help but take advantage.

Janet Wate
Pharmacy Tech

I’m extremely excited as I had tried to get this vocation all training years ago and missed out as funding ran out before my turn came up. I feel fulfilled when I have a stable job especially if it can have a positive effect  on someone’s day. 

Judith Gomez
Medical Billing & Coding

I wasn’t sure if this program was for real or not but I’m so glad I went to find out. Everyone was nice, I was very happy. Super excited better career to better support my family. 

Reviews of Funded Students 

Ontario Campus Workshop

Julianne  Melendez
Computerized Office & Accounting

I'm very excited to enroll in this program. This will bring FInancial stability to my life! At HSTi everyone was very nice and respectful

Roxanne West
Medical Assistant

I'm very excited! This fully-funded course could totally change my livelihood and quality of life!

Angel Dominguez
Medical Assistant

The staff at HSTi was nice and they went over everything and explained everything what I didn’t know. I’m very excited to enroll in this program to help my career and make a better impact in my life.

Christina Carroll
Medical Assistant

I'm very excited to start a new career. The HSTi staff was very helpful and friendly

The following are mandatory documents you must bring to get this grant:

1. Valid State Photo ID. (current not expired) (Driver's License/Passport)

2. Social Security Card. (must be original card no copies please)

3. Paystubs (If working) (Last six months)

4. High School Diploma / GED, highest educational school transcripts or Degree (original only)

5. UI Payment history 


6. Receiving Aid? (CalWORKS, GAIN, TANF, Cashaid, CalFresh [food stamps]) Notice of Action and/or deposit transactions from

7. Males Only: Proof of Selective Service Verification is required if born after 1/1/1960.

If you are applying under low-income family criteria, please bring the following:

Low-income family proof: 

Your last six (6) months of income verification for the entire household (household size explained below), examples of income verification:

6 months (from the date of your appointment dating back) of Pay stubs; Self-employment income documentation; Unemployment Benefits (most current copy of your unemployment benefits payment history, and/or notice of exhausted benefits); Retirement; Disability (State, Social Security, or Worker’s Compensation Benefits); Severance Payments; Child Support, and Alimony. (Please provide all that apply to you and your household.)

* Verification of household size: (husband, wife, and dependent children, 0-21 yrs. claimed on parent[s’] income tax); i.e., marriage certificate, birth certificate(s), Social Security card(s), and/or school record(s).



***Please note that failure to provide ALL required documentation during the time of your appointment will prevent our ability to determine eligibility for services and will result in rescheduling. For time efficiency, please print out all required documents. Your eligibility appointment will be rescheduled upon acquiring missing mandatory documentation.***


About us

HealthStaff Training Institute (HSTi) is a professional, private vocational institution that trains individuals into becoming efficient, capable allied health care or business professionals. HSTi is dedicated to providing quality, entry-level vocational training in a relatively short period of time. Our industry-focused courses and curricula are designed to properly train and educate students interested in the several allied health or business programs we offer.