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Drug & Alcohol Counseling

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  • Course offered online and hybrid – $6,395

  • Cost of Program (includes Registration, Books/Equipment, & Tuition)

  • 29 week program/636 clock hours/28.5 Credit Hours

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About Us

HealthStaff Training Institute (HSTi) is a professional, private vocational school that trains individuals into becoming efficient, capable allied health care or business professionals. HSTi is dedicated to provide quality, entry-level vocational training in a relatively short period of time. Our industry-focused courses and curricula are designed to properly train and educate students interested in the several allied health or business programs we offer.

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The HealthStaff Training Institute’s Drug and Alcohol Counseling certificate is designed to train students with the skills and knowledge to help counsel someone suffering from addiction. This course is CCAPP (formerly CAADAC) approved and prepares the student to test for State Certification.

HSTI students receive instruction in the basics of addiction, and are required to participate in a 255-hour externship in an approved facility, and 45 hours of educational required classroom lecture covering TAP 21 addiction counseling competencies. Upon completion of DAC program, students are prepared to make a smooth transition into the workplace with the on-the-job experience gained from their externship.

Our training helps students be a vital asset to any healthcare or medical facility. The Drug and Alcohol Counseling program at HealthStaff Training Institute prepares our graduates for a position in any inpatient or outpatient facility that treats addictions.

Employers that hire HSTi Graduates
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