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Medical Billing & Coding

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  • Course offered online and hybrid – $4,995

  • Cost of Program (includes Registration, Books/Equipment, & Tuition)

  • 12-week program/240 clock hours/15.0 Credit Hours

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About Us

HealthStaff Training Institute (HSTi) is a professional, private vocational school that trains individuals into becoming efficient, capable allied health care or business professionals. HSTi is dedicated to provide quality, entry-level vocational training in a relatively short period of time. Our industry-focused courses and curricula are designed to properly train and educate students interested in the several allied health or business programs we offer.

Launch Your Medical Billing & Coding Career Today!


HealthStaff Training Institute prepares you with the skills and knowledge to become a vital asset to any healthcare organization. The Medical Billing & Coding program at HealthStaff Training Institute prepares our graduates for a position in Medical Offices, Medical Billing Service Companies, Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Clinics, Home Health Agencies, and Insurance Companies.

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In the Medical Billing & Coding program, you’ll learn:

HSTI’s Medical Billing & Coding program is designed to provide the student with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully perform multifaceted functions in a doctor’s office. Knowledge of insurance providers is emphasized along with medical terminology, anatomy, and the training to perform basic techniques in billing and coding. Students are taught:

  • Medical Office Etiquette & Ethics.

  • Career Management & Communication Skills.

  • Medisoft and other computer programs.

  • Coding Techniques for CPT.

  • Coding Techniques for ICD-9 & ICD-10.

  • Completion of the HCFA 1500 form.

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