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Ultimate Career Guide for High School Grads

Congratulations High School Grads!

High school graduation is one of the most important events in your life. You have a freedom to chase your dreams. But you have two major paths to achieve your goal. Which path would you like to take depends on various factors, and each path has it's own advantages and disadvantages.

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College-bound grads may have the next several years of their life planned-out, opting for higher education to achieve their goals, but they face high college tuition costs and the prospect of taking on long-term debt - 'Student loan' in exchange for a degree that offers less guarantee of employment than in years past. See the chart below.


Vocational School offers a lot of advantages in comparison to colleges for higher education. You will be more focused on the right program chosen by you for your career. The tuition cost will be significantly low. You don't need to apply for a student loan as school will offer it's own easy payment plans spread over few months with no interest financing. Most of these schools offer job placement assistance and excellent externship sites after completion of hands on training.

In short you'll be able to start your career in a short time (in 3 to 8 months) rather than 4 years.

The Purpose of this Guide is


There are several exciting and rewarding career paths

available to choose from....


Vocational school also provides job placement assistance after hands-on training.....


No more Student loan! No more debt. Easy payment plans will help you to achieve your goal.....

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Average Salary (California)

$16.12 per hour


Duties of Administrative Medical Assistant

  • Patients Check-in at the front desk

  • Answering the phone calls

  • Scheduling patients for appointments

  • Interviewing patients for case histories in advance of appointments

  • Compiling medical records and charts

  • Processing insurance payments

  • Operating computer software and office equipment

  • Transferring lab results to the appropriate clinician

  • Maintaining supplies and appearance for the office

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Benefits of Administrative Medical Assistant Career

Growing Demand

Financial Security

Helping People

Financial Security

Clinical Externship

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