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$500 down payment |24 monthly installments

Train for a new Career. Become a Medical Assistant
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7 Reasons

Why should I become a Medical Assistant ?

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How much Medical Assistants make?

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Perfect Career

Why Medical Assistant is the perfect Career Choice for me?

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Student Loan!

No you don't need a Student loan!

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As a student of HSTi, you

will enjoy these benefits:


Lowest Fee

We Offer our programs at a great low tuition fee so you can afford quality education.

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Easy Payment Plans

We offer flexible and easy payment plans so you can fulfill your dream.


Job Placement Assistance

HSTi offers Job Placement Assistance and helps you finding the best job.


Quality Education

We provide quality in-class education and training to help you become a successful Medical Assistant.


Great Externship Sites

We have great externship sites where your get highest industry exposure.

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BPPE Approved School

We are a BPPE approved school and you can use your SJDB - Workers' Comp Voucher for training

Perfect Career

Our training helps students be a vital asset to any healthcare or medical facility. The Clinical Medical Assistant program at HealthStaff Training Institute prepares our graduates for entry-level positions working in private medical offices, hospitals, clinics or insurance firms. As a Clinical Medical Assistant you’ll work directly with doctors, nurses and patients in many health care settings, with the opportunity to work in the front-office performing administrative duties, or in the back-office performing clinical procedures.

7 reasons

Why should I become a Medical Assistant


7 reasons
  1. It's a career, not a job!

  2. Training options are flexible.

  3. Training is inexpensive.

  4. Higher career growth rate.

  5. Work in variety of different settings.

  6. Health Insurance benefits from employer.

  7. Flexibility to relocate.

How much Medical Assistants make




As of Oct 23, 2019, the average annual pay for a Medical Assistant in California is $30,467 a year.

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $41,450 and as low as $19,476, the majority of Medical Assistant salaries currently range between $26,467 (25th percentile) to $32,959 (75th percentile) in California.

Why I don't need any Student loan



Student Loan

No, you don't need any expensive Student loan to fulfill your dreams. 

At HealthStaff Training Institute we have made every program very affordable.

With our in house financing you pay no interest, no finance charges, no extra fee. Just pay your balance due in 18 months - we call it 'Easy Payment Plan'.

And yes our tuition fee is the lowest!!


Common duties of a Clinical Medical Assistant.

  • Medical Law and Ethics.

  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology along with a Human Relations course.

  • Use of care of diagnostic equipment.

  • Laboratory procedures, phlebotomy, and the proper techniques required to collect specimens for laboratory analysis.

  • Pharmacology, drug administration and dosage calculations.

Train for a new career

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$500.00 down-payment


18 monthly installments

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$500.00 down-payment


18 monthly installments

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$500.00 down-payment


18 monthly installments

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